Tintwistle Cricket Club 2016 AGM


TCC held the 2016 AGM on Thursday 1st December. The Chair Report is detailed below for information as well as the Election of Officers.

Chair Report 2016


  • The Club produced a healthy profit and significant swing from FY 2015.
  • Biggest sponsorship earnings in the club’s history. A big thank you to Jason Eyre for his help and support in this area.
  • A big thank you to our sponsors – your help is greatly appreciated.
  • A new financial forecast model has been put in place to aid reporting throughout the Financial Year.
  • Bar profit ok but below expectations due to the number of matches called off. Thanks to Martin Harris, Emily Harrison, Lucy Harrison-Green and everyone who assisted behind the bar.
  • Thanks to everyone who has contributed to the club’s earnings.
  • Special mention to Sarah Leah for keeping us financially sound.
Junior Cricket

  • Excellent training schedule delivered by the team.
  • High numbers of children turning up to practise.
  • Juniors successful on the pitch and have really progressed under the guidance of the Richard Harris, Peter Higginbottom, Alex Brown and the junior coaches.
  • Under 11’s were the highlight of my cricketing summer – ‘North Division Champions’.
  • Social media engagement has been excellent re: juniors. Lots of parents interacting with our posts. PARENTS LOVE OUR TRAINING SESSIONS!
  • Fantastic engagement with the local school with the re branding to the Tinsle Tornadoes! A big thanks to AJ Harris for his efforts in this area! Thanks also to Debbie Harris and Simon Barrow for their supporting roles within the Juniors.
Senior Cricket

  • Recruitment of players excellent. Quality players signed and integrated well into the club.
  • Two great captains (James Pool and Simon Barrow) who are building their teams and leading from the front.
  • Thrilled the 1st XI were competitive and impressed that the 2nd’s fought a successful battle and remained in Division 3.
  • Great attitude by the players and represented the club well.
  • Well done to Kez Davies for winning the league wicket keeping (AGAIN!)

  • Excellent working party at the start of the season. Thanks to all.
  • Glad to report Kevin Nield re-joined the clubs ground staff during the season. The wicket improved very quickly once Kevin took over.
  • Kez Davies did a great job on the outfield and I’m grateful for Kez’s hard work.
  • Once again a wet summer proved the worth of having the outfield verti-draining and scarification work completed.
  • We do have an issue with the drains in the lower part of the field – this needs to be resolved over the winter.

  • Superb work party at the start of the season transformed the pavilion into a much nicer space. Epic Effort! Thanks to Kate Harris for driving this and everyone involved in delivering a successful project.
  • We also delivered improvements to the kitchen with new units and improved the air flow to the chilling units behind the bar – thanks to Bill Blackwell.
  • Successful with the small grant application for the carpets and picnic benches– A big thank you to Hannah Pool and Sarah Leah for leading on this.

  • A fantastic events calendar was delivered in 2016. Whilst the Irish Night suffered with the game earlier in the day being called off, we delivered a beer festival and a 2020 Competition which were superb. It was also great to see the coffee morning back on the calendar.
  • Social media engagement brilliant, great advertising model.
  • The events attracted local people on the ground  – this should not be underestimated.
  • A big thank you to Kate Harris, the Social Committee and all the volunteers that assisted.
Management Team

  • The club has a great management team, under the guidance of the Club President – Bill Blackwell. The team showed great enthusiasm, drive and determination.
  • I asked the team at the start of the year to think differently and outside of the box. The 2020 is evidence is how the team took an idea and delivered a great event with the support of the management team, players, volunteers and visiting clubs.
  • The organisation of the club in terms of meetings, minutes and coordination with the league has been first class. A big thank you to Hannah Pool.
Cricket Teas

  • I would like to thank everyone involved in running the cricket teas – they remain one of the best in the league and I’m grateful for everyones help. A particular thankyou to Linda Barber, Joyce Harris and Marie Blackwell.
  • Also thanks to Joyce and Linda for keeping the pavilion in great condition throughout the season.

Cricket generally is in a state of flux with clubs struggling to put senior teams out and retain junior players. In this context, TCC is in a reasonably healthy position. We need to continue to deliver the strategy which is focused around player development. In terms of Juniors we need to build on the success of last year and increase the number of senior players that are involved with the coaching.

All senior players need to support the captains in terms of player recruitment. We need to differentiate ourselves and attract players. I fully support the captain’s efforts in this area.

We have created a reusable model for delivering successful events. Whilst the events themselves may change – the way we deliver them shouldn’t – it works!

In 2017 we will have new blades for the John Deere and we will build a decking area next to the pavilion. We also need to prioritise obtaining Clubmark accreditation. Looking beyond 2017 the club’s priorities should be face-lifting the practise nets before the pavilion replacement project is undertaken.

Thanks to everyone for making this club a great club to be involved with.

Mike Barber

Election of Officers

The Club Officers for 2017 were elected as follows:

President: William Blackwell
Chair: Michael Barber
Vice Chair: Richard Harris
Honorary Secretary: Hannah Pool
Treasurer: Sarah Leah
Child Welfare Officer: Debbie Harris \ Sarah Leah

Tintwistle CC Captains
1st XI:
Captain: James Pool
Vice Captain: Peter Higginbottom

2nd XI:
Captain: Simon Barrow
Vice Captain: Jack Booth

Junior Contact Details
Junior Co-ordinator: Richard Harris
Under 17: N/A
Under 15: N/A
Under 13: Richard Harris
Under 11: Alex Brown / Peter Higginbottom

Management Team:
Mike Barber, Bill Blackwell, Richard Harris, Hannah Pool, Sarah Leah, Bill Thornhill,
Debbie Harris, James Pool, Jayant Patel, Kate Harris, Kieran Davies,
Matthew Robinson, AJ Harris, Stuart Dodd, Simon Barrow, Martin Ingham,
Martin Harris.

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