Four Seasons back with us


The big push to develop the 2017 Sponsor Roster continues with Four Seasons Flowers confirming they will once again be Gold Sponsors for the new season. TCC would like to thank Marie Spence for her tremendous support. The fantastic support from our Sponsors is allowing us to continue to implement our 5 year strategy focused around player development.


2 Comments on “Four Seasons back with us

  1. Dear God I hope you guys read these replies.

    My name is Lance Nicholls and I live in South Africa. I’m a batsman who absolutely loves playing cricket and I’m a massive fan of Tom’s. I watch almost all of his streams and I make sure to catch his daily vlogs! I’m 16 right now but I’m playing 1st team for my high school and currently have a batting average of 46. That’s 1 of the highest in the country right now! I’d so love to move over to England and try out for your club for a season! It’d be great fun! I’d love to maybe receive an email back from you guys about it! Please give a shout out to Tom for me! I’m a HUGE fan! I’ve started my own YouTube channel because of him and hopefully some day I’ll become as successful as he has.

    Warm regards,
    Lance Nicholls


    • Hi Lance,
      Thanks for the message.

      We’re very pleased to hear you’re doing well with your cricket – an average of 46 – excellent!!

      The next time Tom is on the ground we will show him your message.

      Best of luck with the YouTube channel and keep batting well!

      Kind Regards
      Tintwistle CC


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