TCC 5 Year Roadmap

TCC 5 Year RoadmapTo view a larger version of the Roadmap, please click this link:  TCC 5 Year Roadmap

Prior to the start of the 2016 cricket season Tintwistle Cricket Club devised a 5 Year Roadmap which outlines the strategic plans for the club. This document has been shared with Derbyshire Cricket Board and various investment bodies. We feel it’s time to share this with the wider public so people can understand the journey we have embarked upon.

The number one strategic priority is Player Development at both junior and senior level. We are investing in our coaches to ensure we have a larger pool of ECB Level 2 accredited coaches to ensure we can provide specialist coaching to our cricketers of the future. It is also our intention to ensure participation numbers in junior cricket continues to increase over the next 5 years. To aid this, TCC has become a registered ECB All Stars Centre and will be delivering coaching to 5-8 year olds from the end of May 2017. The Tornadoes programme (9 year olds and above) is also developing thanks to a new coaching structures being put in place and the involvement of Senior Players with the delivery of coaching.

We are also starting to formulate coaching plans for senior training sessions to ensure open age players continue to develop. The ground staff are also very supportive of players training on grassed practise wickets to ensure they get sufficient real world development time.

Away from player development, the club made significant strides forward throughout 2016. During 2017, we have invested in new blades for the John Deere (outfield mower), built a new decking area for people to relax and socialise and secured a new Principal Senior Sponsor in the shape of Syndicate Original. We are also embarking on attaining Clubmark accreditation to show the club is well run and a safe place for people to be.

To support the strategic priority around Player Development, during 2018 we are prioritising investing in our Non-Turf Pitch (NTP) facility.  This will potentially see the club upgrade the surface and netting within our existing double lane practise facility. The project is dependent on grant availability and the state of the general grant landscape may allow us to accelerate the delivery of this project.

Beyond the NTP project, the club’s major capital investment initiative is in a new pavilion. The current pavilion opened in 1964 and has reached end of life. A replacement pavilion project is a multi-year project and will be the biggest project undertaken by the club in its history. It’s vital we get this right to support the next 50 years of this great club.

If anyone has any questions around any of this, please speak with a member of the TCC Management Team.

TCC Management Team 

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