Tintwistle CC: Car Parking

Tintwistle Cricket Club has been made aware of concerns raised by residents regarding inconsiderate parking around the speedwell cricket ground on recent match days, training nights and event days. We share our neighbours’ concerns that on occasion this parking has not only caused some disruption to people living nearby but also that it may have prevented emergency services accessing both the cricket ground or homes nearby. This is not acceptable, particularly as many of our neighbours are elderly.

Whilst our club has been established since 1835, we have been present on our current Speedwell Ground since 1854 when facilities didn’t account for high numbers of visiting vehicles. Equally, the volume of traffic didn’t present the same problems as we face today when we purchased the ground off High Peak Borough Council in 1983.

We will always work in partnership with our neighbours and maintain our clubs good standing in our village community. We respectfully request that all visitors to our club consider parking in areas that may impact less on our neighbours eg Arnfield Lane. If you choose to park close to our ground you must NOT double park or park across the keep clear signs. We will be requesting that the league communicate this message to all clubs. We agree with our neighbours’ concerns and seek your support in this matter.

For the start of the 2018 season we will add signage at the Speedwell section of the ground to request visitors to park legally and responsibly.

Most people may be aware that we are hoping to work towards upgrading our facilities and will investigate the provision of additional parking in the area. We will be working with our neighbours and the local council to look at options that minimise disruption to our neighbours.

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