TCC AGM 2017


Tintwistle CC held the annual general meeting at Tintwistle Liberal Club on Tuesday 5th December. Below you can find the Chair Report which provides commentary against the 2016-2020 Development plan as well as confirmation of election of officers.

Club Management

  • Clubmark has not progressed to the extent that I would like. This is down to burning much of my resource on resolving the issues with the senior shirts during the season and switching focus to the NTP grant application. However, if we can focus attention over the winter, then we remain on track to be re-certified Summer 2018.
  • Excellent progress made by Sarah Leah, Stuart Rose and AJ Harris to build relationships with 3rd party organisations including Derbyshire Sport, DCB, TAFC and other cricket clubs. These relationships will directly impact the future of this club. Overall, brilliant progress.


  • The club has produced the highest profit for 9 years. Fantastic effort everyone throughout the season.
  • My thanks to all our sponsors – they are helping us to deliver our goals and objectives.
  • The club needs to be mindful of our spending and take a more cautious view of expenditure over the coming seasons. 90% of our income is generated during the 22-week season and at times expenditure has been nervously high.
  • Income from the Bar, Events and Refreshments exceeded our expectations. My thanks to Martin Harris, Kate Harris, Linda Barber, Joyce Harris, Stuart Rose and everyone who assisted with the running of events.
  • Special mention to Sarah Leah for the excellent financial stewardship.

Senior Cricket

  • Firstly, my sincere thanks to the captains (James Pool and Simon Barrow) for their leadership throughout the season.
  • Once again, strong recruitment programme delivered at the start of the season. • Midtable finish for the 1st XI – a little disappointing given the quality of the 1st half of the season.
  • 3rd place finish for the 2nd XI and strong run in the Cup (reaching Semi Finals) exceeded expectations. We need to ensure we achieve the right balance between winning and developing in the 2nd XI. The season presented a lot of selection headaches for the 2nd XI Captain. However, in the main – these were managed successfully.
  • Looking ahead to 2018, a more consistent effort required at practise. To many weeks it is the same few players. Given the DCCL is moving to 6 divisions – 2018 will be a very challenging season for both senior sides – we need to ensure we’re ready. • The players breakfast was a huge success and is something we should look to do at the start of next season.
  • My thanks to Jay Patel for his wonderful on field contribution to this club.

Junior Cricket

  • Fantastic initial season delivering All Stars coaching. My thanks to Stuart Rose and Matt Robinson.
  • Under 11’s finished as DCCL Champions. The standard of cricket on display at finals day was very high. Brilliant leadership from both Ricky Harris and Pete Higginbottom. The kids are really engaged with you both.
  • We need more help from players in terms of coaching. Ryan Nixon’s contribution was very welcome but we need more from others.  Overall, support from the general senior playing community continues to disappoint.
  • Thanks to Debbie Harris who has built great relationships with the Junior Parents. This is crucial to our development. Fantastic to see some Junior parents attending the club dinner.

Role in the Community

  • We’re doing a great job building a calendar of events that we’re sharing with the community on social media. From a social media perspective, we have over 3,100 followers, likes and subscribers on our main channels.
  • Further work is required to engage people with surveys and to consistently release the newsletter.
  • Clearly there have been issues with the car parking which has had a negative impact on our reputation around Speedwell. Signage will be arranged for next season and we must continue to request people park responsibly. We are also in the process of requesting a grid painted be painted on the road to ensure access to the driveway and ground.


  • My thanks to Kevin Nield and Kez Davies for their superb efforts maintaining the square, outfield and areas of the ground beyond the boundaries. Fantastic job done at a time where we’re not able to invest over and above our standard spend on the square. The investment was made in the new blades and they have made a noticeable difference to the quality of the cut.
  • Thanks also must go to the team who installed the new drain at the start of the season. Massive effort from everyone.
  • Western Terrace was delivered as promised courtesy of Ben Harrison at Building and Damp Solutions. Special mention to Martin Harris who gave up a significant amount of time on both the drain and the terrace.
  • Recently TCC has been successful in securing a grant from the ECB to refurbish the practise nets. Work will commence over the coming weeks and will be delivered ahead of the 2018 season.  This news will be announced on 8th December. Watch out for it and share online if you can.
  • 2017 also saw us gauge a much better understanding of the grant landscape with regards to the pavilion redevelopment – my thanks to Sarah Leah and Stuart Rose for their work in this area. Coupled with a very useful and informative session at Tintwistle Athletic – TCC has some big decisions to make over the winter around the kick off of the pavilion project, the financing of this project and formal grant application process.


In terms of our 5-year roadmap, are we on track?
In short, yes.

We are delivering the nets refurbishment ahead of schedule and this will allow us to focus attention on Clubmark and the pavilion project. Exactly how this project will be progressed will be discussed in January.

Financially, we are on sound footing and the benefits of the financial forecast are now being seen. We have moved forward significantly this season and I’m very pleased with the progress. My thanks to the management team, players and all our volunteers. Special mention to Hannah who has co-ordinated the meetings, processed communications from the league and done a fine job producing the minutes.

Clubs continue to fight for the same sponsors and the same players. Local cricket is in a very challenging space. In this respect, whilst we cannot rest on our laurels, we must acknowledge that Tintwistle Cricket Club continues to move forward in a very positive manner.

MRB – Chair

Election of Officers

Executive Officers (Also members of Mgt Team) 
President: Bill Blackwell
Chair: Mike Barber (Trustee)
Vice Chair: Richard Harris
Hon Secretary: Hannah Pool
Treasurer: Sarah Leah~
CWO: Debbie Harris
1st XI Captain: James Pool
2nd XI Captain: Simon Barrow

Management Team (Trustees)
Trustee: Martin Harris
Trustee: Stuart Dodd
Trustee: Martin Ingham
Trustee: Bill Thornhill

Management Team
Kate Harris
AJ Harris
Matthew Robinson
Jay Patel
Stuart Rose
Ryan Nixon

1st XI Vice Captain: Ryan Nixon
2nd XI Vice Captain: Jack Booth

All Stars Activators
Stuart Rose & Matthew Robinson

Selection Committee
Vice Chair
Vice Captains
Stuart Dodd

Bar Secretary: Martin Harris
Ground Staff: Kevin Nield & Kez Davies
Auditor: Debbie Harris

Life Member Elections: Linda Barber, Joyce Harris, Marie Blackwell and Jay Patel

Pete Higginbottom did not stand for the role of 1st XI Vice Captain and Ryan Nixon was elected to the role. Tintwistle CC would like to thank Pete for his contribution.




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