TCC Fantasy League

TCC Fantasy Land

Thanks to the work of 1st XI Vice Captain Ryan Nixon, we are excited to announce the launch of TCC’s new Fantasy League!

Entrance is £10 per team with cash prizes awarded to teams finishing 1st, 2nd and 3rd (amounts TBC). To enter a team, click the following link.

– There can be only one team entered per registered user account.
– Each team shall have a value of no more than £35 million.
– Managers may enter a team at any point during the season, although in order to score points for the first gameweek, teams must be submitted before the Season Start date. Thereafter, entries will start scoring points from the gameweek after they were entered and points will not be backdated.

– The gameweek will advance every Saturday at midday; the same time as transfers and captain changes are processed.
– For the purpose of viewing league standings by month, gameweeks that span two months will count for the month that they started in.

Transfers and Captain Changes
– Managers may alter their teams at any point during the Season. A total of 1 free transfer is available each week and additional transfers are permitted, but will incur a cost of -10 points per transfer. When a captain is transferred out of a team, the team will be without a captain and a new one should be selected.
– Transfers and captain changes may be submitted at any time but will not take effect until midday the following Saturday, so they are active for the upcoming gameweek.
– Please note that transfers are free and unlimited up until midday on the date of the first match.
– Should a players value increase at any point during the season, then teams who have selected that player shall recieve the difference as additional budget when making transfers.
– Should a players value decrease, teams will lose that amount from their transfer budget (as long as the budget remains above the original limit).

Team Selection
– The players included on the selection list and their values will be determined by the League Administrator.
– Each team can select a captain who will earn double points each week. You may change your captain each week if you wish.
– Each team must contain 6 players and the make-up of each team is flexible in terms of how many players can be selected from each position. Other than a compulsory wicket-keeper, team managers may select any number of batters and bowlers up to a maximim of 3 from each position, and up to 2 all rounders.

– All players are eligible to earn points of any type. Batters will get points for taking wickets and bowlers will get points for scoring runs.
– Players will score points as detailed below:

1 points per run
10 points for a not out
25 points for scoring 50+ runs
50 points for scoring 100+ runs
-10 points for scoring a duck

15 points per wicket
30 points for taking 5+ wickets
3 points per maiden
-20 points for conceding 50+ runs (without taking a wicket)


10 points per catch
15 points per stumping
20 points per run out

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