Thinking big for the future – new clubhouse plans…

For over 170 years Tintwistle Cricket Club has played a central role in the local community, where memories have been created on and off the field at the Speedwell cricket ground. The old clubhouse is a well-known and well-loved place to come and enjoy the summer.

Over recent years, a few renovation projects have been completed on the ground and in the clubhouse to help improve the facilities we provide to our players and visitors alike. Although the clubhouse is a well-loved institution in the village, it is recognised that for the club to grow, it is now in need of a new, modern facility to ensure we secure the future of this great club.

Since 2017, the committee have been working on plans to build a new clubhouse on the existing footprint and are excited to be able to share some initial impressions of what the clubhouse could look like.

At the recent open evening, these images were shared, and we took some really positive and useful feedback. We want to hear more from you about what they would like to see in the new building and what facilities would be useful and what would make you come and visit and use them.

Our next steps, once we have collated all the feedback, is to get together the funding needed to create this new clubhouse. Our plans are to do this with a combination of grant funding and via our own fundraising efforts. In the coming weeks we will begin to share with you the details of our fundraising plans and how you could help us with this. We would also like to hear from anyone who has any experience with funding applications or the management of a project of this nature and would want to help in any capacity.

2019 is set to be an exciting year for the club on and off the field, and hopefully our plans for a new clubhouse will be one of the big success stories for us come the end of the year. For further information on any of our plans, to share any thoughts or ideas you may have on the new clubhouse or for any other information please email the club at

Many Thanks

Stuart Rose

TCC Chairman

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