Mike Barber added to our role of honour

After several years of amazing service to the club Mike Barber stepped down as the clubs Chairman in 2018. In his time as Chairman Mike introduced a number of changes to the club that we are now reaping the benefits for and will continue too in the future. To name a few the securing of grant funding for and overseeing the installation of our amazing net facility, introducing a social media presence that is the envy of the DCCL and overseeing the creation and growth of the Tinsel Tornadoes junior section. The later seeing the club go from having a very limited junior presence to what we see today on Friday nights at the club with well over 60 juniors training each week.

Myself and the management committee felt it important to recognise Mike’s contributions to the club and thought the best way to do this was to ask him to become a life member. We were all delighted when Mike accepted this offer and we have taken great pleasure in adding him to the Life Members list.

Mike continues to support the club and along with a very kind donation he is also seen from time to time strimming the weeds and bushes around the ground. Just proving that TCC is in the blood for ever.

Thanks Mike.

Stuart (TCC Chairman)


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