TCC Moving Forward in 2020


Firstly I hope all our members and friends are keeping safe and well during these troubled times.

It’s a tough time for us all and the prospect of no cricket this season is a tough one to swallow for everyone associated with the club. Lots of work has been done to the club this winter to get the place fit and the outfield and square are looking great. We are really hopefully of seeing some action at the mid/back end of the summer and will keep you posted.

One big thing that has been progressing behind the scenes is our plans to build the new clubhouse. For those who don’t know the club have a vision to build a new modern clubhouse in the existing footprint. This will enable us to continue to offer cricket to our junior and senior teams in a safe and modern environment for many years to come. In addition to this create a facility to not only support the clubs social aspect but also offer the local community a facility that will be available for any number of activities (other sports clubs, youth clubs, mother, child and baby groups and for birthdays, christenings and other celebrations). A place for the village to be really proud of.

As you will appreciate the key challenge for a project of this nature is raising the funds. We are working on detailed plans and costings but we envisage something in the region of £250,000 to build the clubhouse and create additional access and parking on the ground.

We have had some really positive conversations with Sports England, ECB and Derbyshire Borough Council and we believe we will get significant financial support from these institutions. Running along side this we have a number of initiatives that are designed to bridge the funding gap between what we need and what we will receive from these institutions.

Over the coming months we need to ramp up these activities and this will be done in three way.

  1. We have just launched a crowd funding page here Tinsel Just Giving where people can pledge a donation towards the build of the new club. All donations to the club will we recognised on a special notice board which will be proud of place in the new facility to celebrate everyone’s contribution to the build.
  2. Secondly as we move towards forming the plan to deliver this project we will be looking to identify any people or companies who would be willing and able to offer any professional support (DIY SOS style) to our project. We would love to discuss any support you could offer as a donation (or at a reduced cost to normal). Please contact us at, call me on 07437015514 or speak to a club member if you would like to get involved.
  3. And finally we will be running some events at the club in 2020 (hopefully alongside some cricket) where all profits will go towards the club house build. Hopefully a few of our old favs like race night, the gin and ale festival and cinema night.

The club are really determined to deliver on this project and create an amazing space for the whole community to benefit from. If in the coming months we can make massive strides towards making this a reality and we believe it will be an amazing way to come out of this current hardship and add to our reason to celebrate being part of this amazing village community.

Thanks as always and in advance of your continued support.


(TCC Chairman)

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