The William Barber Cup

William Barber (1907 – 1975)

Tintwistle Cricket Clubs first historian. Bill was a keen supporter of all activities connected to the village. He worked for many years up to retirement in the offices at Bridge Mills (Vulcanised Fibre). Father of Norman Barber and Grandfather of Mike Barber, Bill was Club Secretary from 1946 – 1948. Bill also ran the Junior Team from 1955 – 1960. He was auditor of the Clubs accounts from 1946 – 1971, whilst also being a member of the committee.

When the cricket season ended Bill was an avid supporter of Tintwistle Villa AFC, acting as Secretary. His other passion was Tintwistle Prize Band, again acting as Secretary. A keen historian, he researched the Villages history which was eventually published in 1968 (A Brief History and Guide of the Village of Tintwistle in the County of Cheshire). This book is still used by many historians when mentioning Tintwistle (he was helped in this activity by Bill Sharp and the book was published by Tintwistle Historical Society).

The William Barber Cup was presented to the Club by the Barber family after Bill’s death in 1975. It is awarded to the 1st XI bowler who takes the most wickets in a single season.

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